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  1. Category: (Web Development)

    ... it from here: I'm going to have 3 scripts on the intermediary server: 1. to display the HTML form (usually handled by the mobile app) 2. to send the values to ...
    Created on 20 February 2015
  2. Category: (Application Development)

    What? A reference to what size an image background should be set to for various screen sizes. Why? A background image I was using was unedited at 1600x2133 (364kb) and was not displaying on smaller ...
    Created on 01 December 2014
  3. Category: (Application Development)

    ... to launch a new intent... I wanted to change my previous example so that the homepage of the app (the starting page) will simply display a button to the map (in case of offline mode or incompatibility ...
    Created on 25 November 2014
  4. Category: (Application Development)

    ... to the user and for it to replace a displayed image in an ImageView. How? More as a reference for myself but this displays an AlertDialog designed by an XML layout file ("res/layout/dialog_edititem_photo"). ...
    Created on 04 November 2014
  5. Category: (Application Development)

    Applies To: Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Android Studio v0.8.6 beta Java Development Kit v1.8.0_20 What? The article below serves as a checklist to ensure I don't release an app that only displays ...
    Created on 31 October 2014
  6. Category: (Product Documentation)

    What? This is an article serving as documentation for my first ever app on the Android Operating System. For tablets and phones. The app in a nutshell displays flight restrictions in a given area  ...
    Created on 24 October 2014
  7. Category: (Application Development)

    What? A quick article on how to display a OK/Cancel popup which I use as a message to the user for debug purposes. Why? It's similar to javascript's message box or confirm box, only Android let's ...
    Created on 20 October 2014
  8. Category: (SITS:Vision)

    ... output Under "Export format", specify any code lookups (eg. for CAP_STAC, we want the code and the lookup value/name and then something to display if the lookup fails: &G[STA.SRS:·<·<STA_CODE.STA·>·>|·<·<STA_NAME.STA·>·>]&ABLANK="*InvalidCode*|*InvalidCode*", ...
    Created on 21 August 2014
  9. Category: (XSLT)

    ... of greater than 0 (not blank) and change the attribute of the element so that it's tag displays "xsi:nil=true". If...then...else... will be emulated by the XSLT choose...when...test...otherwise: <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl=""> <xsl:output ...
    Created on 18 August 2014
  10. Category: (MS-Dos)

    ... type rename.bat This will display all the files to be renamed Return to the notepad (rename.bat) and take out the remark "REM" prefix so your code becomes:@ECHO OFF SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION FOR ...
    Created on 09 August 2014
  11. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... do this: But we didn't want to do this. How? As a proof of concept, I created one lookup task that executes a SQL query which returns all the joined tables and displays the decode name. Let's ...
    Created on 05 August 2014
  12. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... Connection..." Browse to the first file in the folder to loop through and select it. Set the connection manager name, specify columns as per usual. OK the connection manager and display its ...
    Created on 13 June 2014
  13. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... the custom exceptions, here simply type the word as it is intended to ultimately display as, the case-insensitive replace by T-SQL will find that instance and replace it with exactly how the word is written ...
    Created on 04 June 2014
  14. Category: (3rd-party Joomla!)

    ... > Settings > Layout > CAPTCHA > PLAYTHRU Save the change. STEP #5: Display PlayThru in comment form This step displays the PlayThru on the form (note this code may need to be reverted ...
    Created on 27 April 2014
  15. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise What? So I have a column in an SSRS report which displays a date. ...
    Created on 15 April 2014
  16. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... to run it on that day, it would take an additional 60 seconds to get with it and display the report. Any subsequent running of the report loaded it almost immediately. How? There are a few options ...
    Created on 11 April 2014
  17. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ...  Why? I want an image to display per row as a status marker for 3 different types of results: Success, Failure, Unknown. My images are circles with the background being transparent. I want the ...
    Created on 08 April 2014
  18. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... report with a new template comprising of a single Tablix which contained the images of the corners and sides of the report. It looked beautiful if simply displayed on a single page (the top half of the ...
    Created on 08 April 2014
  19. Category: (MS Windows)

    Applies to: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional What? Looking at ways of displaying different drives per user on a single computer. This one is by modifying the system registry, so if you aren't familiar ...
    Created on 28 March 2014
  20. Category: (Joomla)

    ... Settings > Layout > CAPTCHA > PLAYTHRU Save the change. STEP #5: Display PlayThru in comment form This step displays the PlayThru on the form (note this code may need to be reverted ...
    Created on 24 March 2014

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