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    Helping Web-Developers Since 1997

    A repository for code snippets and programming tutorials
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    Website & Mobile Applications Specialists

    We design and build from scratch bespoke and intuitive interfaces with an emphasis on the user experience.

    Joomla, Wordpress: Extensions/Plugins, Support

    Android & iOS Development

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    Why choose the Joel Lipman team?

    Award Winner 2011 - Webmaster Awards

    On budget, on time, nothing is impossible — Because we can.

    Exploring Experimental & Innovative Technologies


Right now we're working on a Property Management System!

Tell Me More Our Zoopla API

What we do

Our Numbers

We are a small creative team, trying to enrich the lives of others

What we learn we share for free, why? because someone else taught us for free... Thank you OpenSource!









Our possibilities

So lucky that the World-Wide Web became a big thing; Couldn't do many things when I left school, other than type fast and re-program a game of "Breakout" in Turbo Pascal...

Using Bootstrap and jQuery, we've written content management systems for the staff to manage their data assets, audit any actions and report on their progress.

Android OS: Joes Quadcopter App

Releasing mobile applications for AndroidOS and iOS, we have included documentation and tutorials on creating some basic mobile apps for the most popular platforms.

Joomla! CMS: Joes Word Cloud

Initiated when creating payment modules for Joomla! CMS and preventing hacks of Wordpress CMS, our experience with these over the past decade now allows us to customize and reverse engineer similar installations.

Our Skills

A nonsensical measure of nothing representative

PHP / MySQL 65%
JavaScript 50%
HTML / CSS 75%
XML / JSON 30%

our timeline

  • 2018
  • China Town Global

    An ongoing project to assist takeaways in developing their own websites and integrating the APIs provided by Just-Eat.co.uk.
    2017 Read More
  • Property / Estates

    Our latest project has been to develop both a content management system and website that reads and writes data in XML/JSON. Our system is capable of reading third-party websites, reading XML feeds from partner agencies and writing back to Zoopla Real-Time listings. The estate agent we joined had a portfolio of a few hundred properties; by the time we completed the project, this had grown to a few 10s of thousands.
    2015-2017 Read More
  • 2015
  • YouTube Channel

    Well might as well throw in the videos we've been releasing. Discovering that one Google account does not rule them all and now have several YouTube channels as well as developer logins, etc.
    2014-2015 Read More
  • Aerial Filming

    Seeing the world from a different view, from up high! Using various quadcopters or "drones", we send our cameras where we never could before without a huge increase in equipment costs.
    2014 Read More
  • Data Warehouse

    Part of a development team to deliver Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service packages to migrate a Human Resources and Payroll database to CoreHR. Provide support levels to manage over 3 million records of the university's students as well as activity systems with SQL Server Reporting Services to project manage 4000 staff.
    2010-2014 Read More
  • Business Intelligence

    Operational and development support for business and financial systems such as student records, payroll and HMRC APIs, as well as support for Microsoft databases and systems.
    2006-2010 Read More
  • 2006
  • Higher Education

    Development of software for Microsoft operating systems. In-person and remote support for labs, examination rooms and advanced workstation configurations.
    2005-2006 Read More
  • Environmental Certification

    Corporate and partner website developments using HTML/JS/PHP/Flash. Animations, games and media deliverables in various formats for events and exhibitions.
    1999-2002 Read More

Our Website Development Notes

We hope this helps!

*offline* Please Bear with us as we return our articles to the WWW.


Joe did a really superb job for me on this. My website crashed and I had no idea how to fix it. My hosting service were no help at all. Worse, I hadn't backed up my website for 18 months so even if Joe managed to retrieve it I expected most of my data to have gone. Joe not only fixed it immediately but all the data was still there too! Magic!

To Our Members

Thank you!

For those of you returning, you will have noticed a few changes: possibly due to yet another website redesign.

We've ditched Joomla CMS
Well according to SEO analysis, our Joomla-based website featured in the 60% slowest websites of the WWW. Considering we like data over flashy pictures, this was disappointing. So we've switched to cached HTML PHP-powered pages which has greatly improved the loading speed of our website! We'll have to run another performance test in a few weeks against our old benchmarks when our data has settled in our new website.

Thank You!
To all those around the world that have been patient enough to test our products and/or take the time to comment & suggest: We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you again!

Member Section Under Maintenance
Please bear with us as we return our user and network facilities to standard operation.

Our Services

Service Design

Persistent Dedication

We don't just build a solution for web-based projects. We build a product that everyone can be proud to be a part of.


It's possible to duplicate you

Anything you can do once with a computer, we can automate to do 1000 times over.

Crazy Coding

Hand Developing

We can customize most systems we encounter no matter how complex... with a basic text-editor.

Customer Support

With Affinity

We pride ourselves on our reputation: Quick to respond and yet to fail in finding a solution!

Web Optimization

Faster Loading

We can do an in-depth error analysis, security vulnerability checks and implement performance improvements... Or just rewrite your application.

Aerial Filming

Taking to the Skies

Our fray into quadcopters or toy `drones` has embarked us on a journey upwards and forwards.

Coding Principles

We love a challenge! Can't fix some code? We've been there but never given up. The search engines don't have all the answers. We made this website so we could post solutions we couldn't find on the web and make them accessible to everyone (...and then be indexed by said search engines).

It wouldn't help you if we told you our most successful fix is to stand behind the person reporting the error and for any system to begin behaving - we will surmise that most are down to user errors or maybe computers just like us.

Without wanting to dwell on one's own success with an air of smugness, we can proudly say that for the past two decades we have never left a computer broken. We have sometimes been criticized over some solutions referred to as "cowboy fixes" but our response is at least we fixed the issues or found workarounds rather than just give up, issue you with a document explaining the inability to deliver and admit that something was impossible.

We are tech support. We've done our job best when no one knows we've done anything at all.

We are data and numbers, as are you.

Contact Information

1324 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH10 7AN, United Kingdom



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