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  1. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... forename and surname parameters are not populated. In addition, we also need a second dataset in our report which gets the total count of all the rows matching the selection criteria (the parameters). ...
    Created on 07 March 2014
  2. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... account. The report uses a shared data source which stores the credentials, ie. A sql authenticated user with read-only privileges. The report has 4 parameters, two of them use the default values (from ...
    Created on 22 November 2013
  3. Category: (General Joomla!)

    What? I'm making a custom component for Joomla CMS 2.5.x which is restricted to registered users only. On installation, and by default, the menu item returns a 500 - Server Error because the parameters ...
    Created on 24 October 2013
  4. Category: (AutoHotkey)

    ...  Method #3: Standard Function with Loop -- input parameters: -- -- Folder=folder/file pattern. -- -- Subfolders=1 or 0 (recurse into subfolders or not) SC_Load(Folder, Subfolders){  ...
    Created on 04 June 2013
  5. Category: (MySQL)

    ... a Server Instance, I'm going to specify the Take Parameters from Existing Database Connection option (note that I have obscured my personal settings in the following screenshot): In this screen, ...
    Created on 05 February 2013
  6. Category: (General Joomla!)

    ... even when you have Search-engine-friendly website addresses enabled. How? Basically you have to include &view=article as opposed to Joomla v1.5.x when the option and id parameters would suffice: - ...
    Created on 04 December 2012
  7. Category: (RokDownloads)

    Admin Parameters include: + module class suffix + module width + text alignment + underline override + background to each word + background text color + background color + background border ...
    Created on 03 December 2012
  8. Category: (Transact SQL)

    ... "WarehouseLoadKey" and the value we want to search on is "3" (the 3rd incremental load). How? The below stored procedure can be reduced to just a script as long as you declare and set the parameters ...
    Created on 05 November 2012
  9. Category: (SQL)

    ... Bit = 0 AS /* Parameters and usage @Tablenames -- Provide a single table name or multiple table name with comma seperated. If left blank , it will ...
    Created on 08 October 2012
  10. Category: (Joomla! Tutorials)

    ... modal is a much easier way for the end-users to select a Joomla! article in the component parameters/options. The "clear" button is essential as some article_modal fields may not be required and are difficult ...
    Created on 27 August 2012
  11. Category: (Oracle SQL)

    ... IS NULL THEN v_returnedval := NULL; ELSIF p_original_datatype='INT' THEN -- Check Parameters and assign proper default values IF p_original_range_1 ...
    Created on 22 August 2012
  12. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... read-only user. 3. Add an SSRS parameter Idem as in just specify a parameter as you would for any usual SSRS report. (Ignore my 2nd and 3rd SSRS parameters in my example as I didn't end up using ...
    Created on 19 January 2012
  13. Category: (Oracle SQL)

    ... AD name as user parameters. Syntax: CREATE [OR REPLACE] FUNCTION function_name [ (parameter [,parameter]) ] RETURN return_datatype IS | AS [declaration_section] BEGIN  ...
    Created on 15 January 2012
  14. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    What? I have created an SSRS report which can compare 4 reports side by side and brings up their latest execution times to the nearest millisecond. The report has 4 parameters. Each parameter is a ...
    Created on 14 December 2011
  15. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... e.[Parameters] AS [Parameters] , e.[ByteCount] AS [Size] , e.[TimeDataRetrieval] AS [Data Retrieval] , e.[TimeProcessing] AS [Process Time] , e.[TimeRendering] AS [Render Time] , DATEDIFF(MILLISECOND, ...
    Created on 02 December 2011
  16. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    Intro If you ever want to check the parameters submitted with a report for alpha numeric characters (so it doesn't contain symbols, punctuations, etc) then you should do this at the database level, and ...
    Created on 07 November 2011
  17. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... an account specifically created to run the stored procedure. This requires using 2 data sources in SSRS. A user will specify the student reference in the parameters of the first report (the one with ...
    Created on 04 November 2011
  18. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... add parameters to a Stored Procedure of an Oracle database from within Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. The Error ORA-00911: invalid character ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_UTILITY", line ...
    Created on 02 September 2011
  19. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... in values (the number my bosses want - 7h 24m or 26640s is 1 person day)... With date range as parameters       ...ouch...       ...and it was so easy up to here... Tables of interest StaffActivities ...
    Created on 24 August 2011
  20. Category: (SQL Server)

    ... a report as a user. Format nvarchar(26) NULL This is the rendering format. Mostly RPL if viewed in MS Internet Explorer. Parameters ntext NULL Parameters and the values they were submitted with. TimeStart ...
    Created on 08 August 2011

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