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  1. Category: (Web Development)

    What? A quick article on how to create a middleware script which accepts the values from a submitted HTML form and sends it to a server on another domain for processing. This applies to Linux Apache ...
    Created on 20 February 2015
  2. Category: (SITS:Vision)

    Applies to SITS:Vision v8.7.0 Uniface v9.6.03 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (SP1) - 11.0.3128.0 What? "Quick" may not be the right word, so this is a somewhat summarized ...
    Created on 21 August 2014
  3. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 What? These were in a solution and I thought I'd note them on my site so I can refer to them more easily. How? Let's ...
    Created on 20 August 2014
  4. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... convert the data and output it to the target system. For our package to decode what "M" means, it needs to look this up in a table on the original server. We had around 12 lookups to do, so you could ...
    Created on 05 August 2014
  5. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    Applies To: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 MS Windows 7 Enterprise (Client) MS Excel 2010 What? A really quick note on how to insert a carriage return or new line into the column name/alias (the header). ...
    Created on 07 July 2014
  6. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012. VS2008 for our old SSIS packages and VS2010 for database solutions running against SQL Server 2008 R2. We can use VS2012 for both but this requires upgrading all the ...
    Created on 09 June 2014
  7. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ...  Select "Add Reference..." Click on "Browse..." Navigate to C:\Windows\assembly Select the TxScript one in "GAC_MSIL\Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript\\Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript.dll" ...
    Created on 03 June 2014
  8. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Premium Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise What? So I have a column in an SSRS report which displays a date. ...
    Created on 15 April 2014
  9. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    What? This article describes a solution our reporting server administrators found to cut the loading time of the first report of the day. Why? Take any SSRS report, if one of us was the first ...
    Created on 11 April 2014
  10. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 R2 Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio What? I recently revamped our standard ...
    Created on 08 April 2014
  11. Category: (Joomla)

    ... is up-to-date as some Joomla 2.5.x systems will not have updated this: Open the file \plugins\captcha\recaptcha\recaptcha.php See if you have the line const RECAPTCHA_API_SERVER = ""; ...
    Created on 20 March 2014
  12. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    What? This article details a method we used on a search form in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) environment. The requirement (amongst others) was that the report ran in less than a few seconds. ...
    Created on 07 March 2014
  13. Category: (General Joomla!)

    ... Workbench) Open the #__assets tablewhere #_ is the Database Tables Prefix value found by logging into your Joomla admin panel Browse to Site > Global Configuration > Server > Database Settings ...
    Created on 26 February 2014
  14. Category: (MS-Dos)

    ... destination [file [file]...] [options] source :: Source Directory (drive:\path or \\server\share\path). destination :: Destination Dir (drive:\path or \\server\share\path).  ...
    Created on 23 February 2014
  15. Category: (Product Documentation)

    ... on-the-fly without sending or receiving data to a server. The page used to be a part of a Password Security System I wrote back in 2008 and I missed the analysis capability so I have restored it on my ...
    Created on 03 January 2014
  16. Category: (Joomla)

    ... of code : const RECAPTCHA_API_SERVER = ""; const RECAPTCHA_API_SECURE_SERVER = ""; const RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER = ""; and ...
    Created on 24 November 2013
  17. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    Applies to: Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008 (BIDS) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 What? This article describes solutions to the error: Subscriptions cannot be created ...
    Created on 22 November 2013
  18. Category: (Static Items)

    ... suggest and query against this. Here is an outline agreement between and you: Once I have the domain names, I will configure my server to receive requests for those domains ...
    Created on 15 November 2013
  19. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    What? A quick article on if you are trying to create a new subscription to a SQL Server Reporting Server (SSRS) report and you are getting a warning message similar to the following: Message from ...
    Created on 11 November 2013
  20. Category: (General Joomla!)

    What? I'm making a custom component for Joomla CMS 2.5.x which is restricted to registered users only. On installation, and by default, the menu item returns a 500 - Server Error because the parameters ...
    Created on 24 October 2013

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