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  1. Category: (PHP)

    ... xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <SOAP-ENV:Fault> <SOAP-ENV:faultcode>76</SOAP-ENV:faultcode> <SOAP-ENV:faultstring> Authentication ...
    Created on 27 April 2015
  2. Category: (PHP)

    ... on line ### Warning: simplexml_load_string() [<a href='function.simplexml-load-string'>function.simplexml-load-string</a>]: Entity: line 1: parser error : Document labelled UTF-16 ...
    Created on 28 March 2015
  3. Category: (Web Development)

    ... to the mobile app. Additionally, the client wanted the reply to mobile in JSON format so we will extract the values with SIMPLEXML_LOAD_STRING (as of PHP 5), store the values in an array for easy encoding ...
    Created on 20 February 2015
  4. Category: (Application Development)

    ... == RESULT_LOAD_IMAGE && resultCode == RESULT_OK && null != data && TAKE_OR_PICK == 2) { Uri selectedImage = data.getData(); String[] filePathColumn = ; Cursor cursor ...
    Created on 04 November 2014
  5. Category: (Application Development)

    ... but I'm new to the game. I'm trying to remove the first two entries from a news feed from a Google News feed. Modifying the strings can be done in the (without it crashing ...
    Created on 24 October 2014
  6. Category: (MySQL)

    What? A quick article on how to populate a database column from another table using a string comparison. Why? I have several database tables which replicate country names and I would rather they ...
    Created on 22 October 2014
  7. Category: (Application Development)

    ... String hangar_aircraft_name; public void editHangarAircraftName(View view) { // get current value for hint TextView currentName = (TextView) findViewById(;  ...
    Created on 20 October 2014
  8. Category: (Application Development)

    ...  // Create a criteria object to retrieve provider Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); // Get the name of the best provider String provider = locationManager.getBestProvider(criteria, ...
    Created on 10 October 2014
  9. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... start with a function that just converts a string of words delimited by spaces to a table: CREATE FUNCTION dbo.[ufn_StringToTable] ( @StringInput VARCHAR(MAX) ) RETURNS @OutputTable TABLE ...
    Created on 20 August 2014
  10. Category: (XSLT)

    ...  Why? Outputting from SITS:Vision to our staging environment, the application would only output blank values using single tags so we had to find a place to introduce it. On strings this has little ...
    Created on 18 August 2014
  11. Category: (SITS:Vision)

    ... select="substring-before(stu_codc,'|')"/> </COUNTRY_OF_DOMICILE_CODE> <COUNTRY_OF_DOMICILE_DECODE> <xsl:value-of select="substring-after(stu_codc,'|')"/> </COUNTRY_OF_DOMICILE_DECODE> -- ...
    Created on 12 August 2014
  12. Category: (MS-Dos)

    Applies to: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Ms-DOS Command Prompt (6.1.7601) What? A quick article on how to rename multiple files using the command prompt and a bit of string manipulation. ...
    Created on 09 August 2014
  13. Category: (AutoHotkey)

    ... days Else StringLeft, units, units, 1 enddate -= startdate, %units% return enddate } ; ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ; ...
    Created on 17 July 2014
  14. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... the example below. Add a variable (preferably to the scope of the package) called "SourceExtractFile" and give it the data type "String". Set the Value to the full path and the first file including ...
    Created on 13 June 2014
  15. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... @c= substring(@Text,@i,1), @Ret = @Ret + CASE WHEN @Reset=1 THEN UPPER(@c) ELSE LOWER(@c) END, @Reset = CASE WHEN @c like '[a-zA-Z'']' THEN 0 ELSE 1 END, @i ...
    Created on 04 June 2014
  16. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... referring to converting strings to dates and incorrect data types. How? The fix is to simply get the field and both results to be of the same data type: =IIF(CStr(Fields!MyCompletionTime.Value)"", ...
    Created on 15 April 2014
  17. Category: (PHP)

    What? A note for myself on some code to convert a string of two names into a string made up of the first name and then using the initial of the second name. -- What I have John Smith Fred.Bloggs -- ...
    Created on 27 March 2014
  18. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    What? This took me a while to find so I've posted an article below detailing how to parse or extract values from a string containing XML code. Why? I'm working with a system which stores XML strings ...
    Created on 27 March 2014
  19. Category: (MS-Dos)

    ... copies only those files whose source time is newer than the destination time. /EXCLUDE:file1[+file2][+file3]... Specifies a list of files containing strings. Each string  ...
    Created on 23 February 2014
  20. Category: (Joomla)

    ... ReCaptcha: 1. Open the file: /plugins/captcha/recaptcha/recaptcha.php 2. Find the following string in the OnDisplay function: return '<div id="dynamic_recaptcha_1"></div>'; 3. ...
    Created on 24 November 2013

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