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MySQL Updating a database table from another table

A quick article on how to populate a database column from another table using a string comparison.

I have several database tables which replicate country names and I would rather they all use the ccTLD two letter code. This article was written because it took me so long to work it out.


  1.  UPDATE  `table_to_update` a 
  2.          INNER JOIN `table_to_read` b 
  3.              ON a.`CountryName` COLLATE utf8_general_ci LIKE b.`CountryName` COLLATE utf8_general_ci 
  4.  SET     a.`ccTLD` = b.`ccTLD` 

T-SQL functions to convert Strings to Tables

Applies to:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
These were in a solution and I thought I'd note them on my site so I can refer to them more easily.


mysqldump: Got error: 2049: Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol refused (client option 'secure_auth' enabled) when trying to connect

Applies to:
  • MySQL Database v5.0.45
  • MySQL Workbench v6.0.8.11354 build 833

This is a quick article on how to get around the problem of backing up your MySQL database when attempting to "Data Export" using MySQL Workbench. This is not regarding the connection issue as I can connect to my database using MySQL Workbench (I have enabled the old authentication protocol). The error ONLY appears when I try to "data export" the database.

The quick solution for everyone else is to change/reset the password of the connecting database user, but herein lies the problem. When you read my workaround, you'll say that I haven't solved anything; but this is a production database I want to export for offline backup. I have to raise and log a formal change request and follow a workflow process in order to make a change on a live system to a service user account... Especially one used by the scripts to access the database-driven website.


Include a carriage return in a column heading

Applies To:
  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2
  • MS Windows 7 Enterprise (Client)
  • MS Excel 2010

A really quick note on how to insert a carriage return or new line into the column name/alias (the header). It might seem trivial but these little aesthetic changes done at the database level can save some time.

I have an Excel report which dynamically gets its content from a data source located on a database on the other side of the world. I want the header in the column "Academic Week" to break across two lines so that the column doesn't expand to the width of "Academic Week" and instead expands to the width of the word "Academic".

What I have:

  1.  Academic Week    Monday      Tuesday     Wednesday   Thursday    Friday 
  2.  ---------------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- 
  3.  1                14-Jul-2014 15-Jul-2014 16-Jul-2014 17-Jul-2014 18-Jul-2014 
  4.  2                21-Jul-2014 22-Jul-2014 23-Jul-2014 24-Jul-2014 25-Jul-2014 
  5.  ... 
What I want:

  1.  Academic  
  2.  Week      Monday      Tuesday     Wednesday   Thursday    Friday 
  3.  --------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- 
  4.  1         14-Jul-2014 15-Jul-2014 16-Jul-2014 17-Jul-2014 18-Jul-2014 
  5.  2         21-Jul-2014 22-Jul-2014 23-Jul-2014 24-Jul-2014 25-Jul-2014 
  6.  ... 

To do this in a select query resultset, you insert the special character references "CHAR(10)" [line feed] and "CHAR(13)" [carriage return] but to do this in the name of the column heading, the answer is a much simpler one,

Convert to Proper Case in T-SQL

So this is an article exploring how to convert UPPERCASE text into mixed case. The feed is originally for a personnel feed so it won't be converting long paragraphs of English text. Instead it will be applied to names and addresses as well as job titles and departments.

We wanted a T-SQL version despite having successfully built a custom script component for SSIS.

You can search my site for how to do this in VB or C#. This version is entirely using T-SQL and we're going to use a function so no dynamic SQL (execute, evaluate).

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