Friday, July 25, 2014
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AYAH PlayThru plugin for Joomla stops working

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This is an article on how to repair a disappearing Are-You-A-Human (AYAH) PlayThru plugin from the user registration and contact forms. Note: I do not use Akeeba backup nor their extensions. My template uses jQuery and mootools (without issues) so this is more likely to be a jQuery conflict. I didn't see the need to install a 3rd-party plugin to resolve the jQuery conflict so this article is around correcting the fault at the core.

So I thought people were misusing the Are-You-A-Human (AYAH) PlayThru plugin when it was first reported to me. I tried to access the reported sections and found that the AYAH PlayThru captcha simply did not display. I had seen this before with Google's ReCaptcha when Google moved the location of its APIs causing every developer to have to change their configuration...


ReCaptcha alternative: Integrate PlayThru in JComments 3.0 for Joomla 3.2

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This article is a follow on from my article JComments 2.3 with PlayThru (Joomla 2.5.x) but this is for a later version of the components using the alternative called PlayThru by AreYouAHuman.Com.

The kCaptcha used by the jComments extension is easily automated and no longer blocks spam comments. Google's ReCaptcha is overrun by click farms and is unable to authenticate engaging visitors.

So I have come up with what I consider a pretty stable solution. I adapted it from various legacy solutions when using Google's ReCaptcha.

Three boxes, two roll over, one falls out

So this is an article to note an oddity when I was working with a Yootheme template called "yoo_sync". Some clever scripts (both mootools and jquery) using the equalize method to make div layers the same height, and in this case, the same width. It isn't so much a miscalculation of 100% divided by 3 that leaves 1 pixel left over, more the fact that the scripts use that 1 pixel (ceiling rather than floor?).

We have a row on a website of three boxes made of div layers. When viewed normally on a 15" Laptop, all was good using Chrome and tolerable using MS Internet Explorer. If we maximized the Google Chrome browser, the row would split and there would be 2 boxes on the top row and the third would pop under these. As for MSIE, that was ok when maximized.

You could do loads of code hacks which is what I tested but all for nothing because you always end up needing to specify a third of the width.

Warning call_user_func: First argument is expected to be a valid callback

If you get something like the following error:

Warning: call_user_func() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /home/.../templates/rt_affinity/rt_sectionrows.php on line 311


  1. Copy & backup the file /public_html/.../templates/rt_affinity/rt_sectionrows.php
  2. Find the following piece of code around line 311:

    1.  foreach($this->horizontalCookie[$row] as $block) { 
    2.       $block = str_replace('-', '', $block); 
    3.       $this->module_row1 .= call_user_func($block$this$mClasses); 
    4.  } 
  3. And change it to:

    1.  foreach($this->horizontalCookie[$row] as $block) { 
    2.       if(!empty($block)) { 
    3.            $block = str_replace('-', '', $block); 
    4.            $this->module_row1 .= call_user_func($block$this$mClasses); 
    5.       } 
    6.  } 

Adding a selectable background to a Yootheme template

Applies to:
  • Joomla 2.5.8
  • Yootheme Template 2012

For any web-developer who can program in PHP/HTML, this would be easy to hard-code and override. However, the article below demonstrates how to make this an option that your client can switch off/on using the Joomla Admin Panel.


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