Applies to:

  • Wordpress CMS v4.1.1

A note to myself on how to create a development/test version of a production/live Wordpress CMS site.

I have a website sitting at a domain (eg., and I want to create an exact copy at a subdomain entitled "dev1" (eg.

A quick copy from copy 1 (LIVE) to copy 2 (DEV):

This is for Joomla 1.5.x sites!
Note that this article is for Joomla 1.5.x sites to be converted to Wordpress 3.2.x sites. I started with a Joomla 1.5 as the move from Joomla 1.6 or greater is a lot easier since it uses nested categories like Wordpress.

There are lots of commercial migrators out there and they all seem to have this problem. I'm really keen not to ask all my users to have to change their passwords but that is what the commercial applications are doing.

Migrating the articles:

  1. Change database name my_joomla_db to your joomla database and my_wordpress_db to your Wordpress database
  2. Change to the full URL of your WordPress site.
  3. If post_type is to be post then append with ?p= otherwise use ?page_id=.
  1.  ------ MIGRATING JOOMLA v1.5.# CONTENT TO WORDPRESS v3.2.# ------ 
  2.  ----------------------------------------------------------------- 
  4.  INSERT INTO my_wordpress_db.wp_posts 
  5.  SELECT 
  6.  id 'ID', 
  7.  1 'post_author', 
  8.  created 'post_date', 
  9.  created 'post_date_gmt', 
  10.  CONCAT(introtext, ' ', `fulltext`) 'post_content', 
  11.  title 'post_title', 
  12.  '' post_excerpt, 
  13.  CASE state WHEN '1' THEN 'publish' ELSE 'draft' END 'post_status', 
  14.  'open' comment_status, 
  15.  'open' ping_status, 
  16.  '' post_password, 
  17.  alias 'post_name', 
  18.  '' to_ping, 
  19.  '' pinged, 
  20.  modified 'post_modified', 
  21.  modified 'post_modified_gmt', 
  22.  '' post_content_filtered, 
  23.  '0' post_parent, 
  24.  CONCAT('', '?p=', id) AS guid, 
  25.  '0' menu_order, 
  26.  'post' AS 'post_type', 
  27.  '' post_mime_type, 
  28.  0 comment_count 
  29.  FROM 
  30.  my_joomla_db.jos_content 
  31.  ORDER BY 
  32.  id