Friday, September 04, 2015
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Joes Youtube Plugin (JYP)
This extension is a crude but quick plugin to play youtube videos in your Joomla articles (content) using the tags {youtube}VIDEOID{/youtube} where VIDEOID is the code of the Youtube video at the end of its URL.

I use to have someone else's youtube plugin since Joomla v1.0.x and have been upgrading it since. Now I'm searching for a Joomla v1.6.x one and the ones I found did not work for me... If you have the same problem, then here you go.


Name:plg_joesyoutubeplayer ( JYP)Cost:FREE
Licence:Non-CommercialAccess Level:Public
Platform:File Type:zip
Available Versions:3 of 6File Size:15,201 bytes
Total Downloads:1,626Project Started:16-Feb-2011
Official Review Site:-Last Modified:12-Mar-2015


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  1. Install this plugin using your Joomla Admin Panel
  2. Go to Extension Manager > Search for "Joes Youtube Player".
  3. Enable and Save.


Joes Youtube Player - Type this in your articles
Joes Youtube Player - Extension Manager - Plugin Manager
Joes Youtube Player - Configure Plugin
Joes Youtube Player - Configure and Save
Joes Youtube Player - Taa daa

Looking forward to your feedback!


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Do you have WP counterpart for this plugin? If so, please show me download links. Thanks

Posted Sat 02-Mar-13

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VersionPlatform  ChangeLogOptions
1.0.5Joomla! 3.x- Tested for compatibility with Joomla! CMS v3.4.0
- Included instructions in description
- Included license file
- Date Uploaded: Thu, 12th Mar 2015
1.0.4Joomla! 2.5.x- Tested for compatibility with Joomla! CMS v2.5.8
- Modified description.
- Date Uploaded: Tue, 1st Jan 2013
1.0.3Joomla! 1.6.xv1.0.3
- Added Joomla Admin Panel option: Plugin Class Suffix
- Added Joomla Admin Panel option: Border Color
- Added Joomla Admin Panel option: Border Style
- Fixed parameters to display as saved (Was saving but not showing).
- Date Uploaded: Thu, 17th Feb 2011
1.0.2Joomla! 1.6.x- Added Joomla Admin Panel option: Border Width
- Added Joomla Admin Panel option: Show Powered By
- Date Uploaded: Wed, 16th Feb 2011
1.0.1Joomla! 1.6.x- Removed all unnecessary code
- Date Uploaded: Wed, 16th Feb 2011
1.0.0Joomla! 1.6.x- Shock as its working
- Date Uploaded: Wed, 16th Feb 2011

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