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Joes Revolver Map (JRM)
This displays a revolving 3D earth globe from revolvermaps.com. RevolverMaps.com is a third-party website with no affiliation to JoelLipman.com. A friend asked if I could create a module with their 3D globe for Joomla 1.5.x. The 3D globe shows in real-time, the location of all current website visitors to the page its on.


Name:mod_joesrevolvermap ( JRM)Cost:FREE
Licence:Non-CommercialAccess Level:Public
Platform:File Type:zip
Available Versions:2 of 7File Size:18,446 bytes
Total Downloads:10,616Project Started:02-Jul-2010
Official Review Site:Extensions.joomla.orgLast Modified:16-Jan-2015


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  1. Visit the website http://revolvermaps.com/?target=setup
  2. Configure the map to the settings you want.
  3. Copy the ID reference as per the "Important Note" below.
  4. Login to your Joomla website admin panel
  5. Install this module as per usual (will auto-install)
  6. Go to Extensions > Module Manager
  7. Paste the ID code you got from revolvermaps.com into the module parameter.

Important Note:
The ID it installs with is for my demo site. If you want to reset the visitor count and associate it with just your site, you'll need to visit www.revolvermaps.com and take your ID from the script code:

For example:
<param name="i" value="3sv7MUqXeMI" />
The Unique ID code would be "3sv7MUqXeMI" (without the double-quotes)

How to do this without using this extension:
  1. Visit the website http://revolvermaps.com/?target=setup
  2. Configure the map to the settings you want.
  3. Copy the entire javascript code they give you.
  4. Login to your Joomla website admin panel
  5. Create a new Custom HTML Module
  6. In the "Custom HTML", either disable rich-text editor or click on the HTML button
  7. Paste the code you got from revolvermaps.com into the "Custom HTML" parameter.



Browse 34 comments:

Hi, great module. Im loving it!
However Im not sure if I have done something wrong as the only person that displays on the map is myself, even though I know I have visitors from different area's on my site. Any idea's on why?
Thanks in advance

Posted Thu 16-Sep-10

Thanks for the comment RamzWS. I know, the module looks nice when lots of people are on it but personally I find mine too busy and can't read all the countries unless I zoom in...

A visit is associated to the ID code (in your Joomla Admin Panel as a Module Parameter). RevolverMaps.com store the IP which runs this using that ID code and counts that as 1 more visit. That tiny bit of data is held on their servers. If you have just installed it then it is likely to be clean with just you displaying on the globe.

This revolver map is meant to list only current visitors. It can give a number as to recent visitors but get 2 people on your site and you should see two dots on your map. If not then there may be an error, in which case reply to this comment and attach a webpage address for me to look at.

Posted Thu 16-Sep-10

Thanks for the quick reply.

It seems I have it setup correctly with the ID code, set "yes" to visitors, recent hits and stars. I see from another module that I have visitors from different areas but they do not display on the revolving map, or the 2D map as dots or "flags".
Webpage address is http://www.ramzws.com
Any idea's you have on correcting this would be great.
Again, thanks in advance!

Posted Sat 18-Sep-10

Hi RamzWS,

Flags won't display on the 2D version, would be cool though, a lot more educational perhaps. But beyond my control i'm afraid.

I'm of the opinion that the module displays visitors to that page and not to the overall site but I'll find out from RevolverMaps.Com and post back.

PS: If they don't and it is just the page, you could consider generating codes for each page and then total these... I had an ID generator in version 1.0 but wasn't sure how RevolverMaps would react... You could always use the default ID code but it wouldn't be true...

Posted Sat 18-Sep-10

Hmm... let me know the feedback you get from Revolvermaps.com.
I would have thought that there would be a progressive total of "dots" on the 2D Map? If you visited that page I would have thought that there would be more than one "dot" on the 2D map. I know that the current "dot" corresponds to myself.
I'll wait for your response then consider some of the other options you have suggested. Im not keen to use the default code though, kind of pointless since it isnt true. 8)

Posted Sat 18-Sep-10

Hi RamzWS,

RevolverMaps haven't got back to me but after going through their site, I found that the globe and the dots all come from globalizer. I'm going to see if I can get it to display total visitors to the site reading from Joomla! tables.

I'm busy going live with an internal web-system but I think I'm going to use it for version 1.3 of this module :c) And I'll see what I can do about a code generator.

Posted Mon 20-Sep-10

Thanks for your help. Ill eagerly keep an eye out for the version 1.3 =)

Posted Mon 20-Sep-10

I should've given them more time. Globizer.net is having some problems with their site so I'm unable to get the source code. In the meantime, RevolverMaps.com have got back to me with the following:

"thank you for your great commitment. The service displays the visitor on
the page that includes the widget. In order to display the visitors of
the whole website the widget must be placed on every subpage. See also
section 5 on http://revolvermaps.com/?target=faq.

Please note: Beside the ID (as you mentioned correctly on your site) the
user also has to insert the right URL to the RevolverMaps server. It's
currently rc.revolvermaps.com and jc.revolvermaps.com, but it changes
from time to time. Both: The ID and the servers must be verified by the
user in order to ensure the proper function of the module.

Posted Fri 24-Sep-10

it's AMAZING !!!!
Hi, very nice module with an excepionnal precision, where others see IP at 100 kms from my home, yours see exactly where I live, that's almost unbelievable !!
It's should be a good thing to have an option to display only one country or one part of map and also only enable access to statistic for "special" and not for public or registred.

Posted Sat 19-Feb-11

Looking forward to this cool app getting J1.7 ready.

Love your work Joel!

Posted Wed 12-Oct-11

Its really very very nice module.I liked it.Thanks

Posted Wed 21-Mar-12

Do you have a plan to support multilanguage?

Posted Wed 28-Mar-12

Would these maps you're writing about also show all the different social search options for advertising? How would that work? How would they be ranked?

Posted Thu 05-Apr-12

Again I have installed this on our forum, but as I remember it used to count unique visitors only, but doesn't seem to do that any more.
Am I wrong?

Anyway, a nifty add on to the forum

Posted Thu 24-May-12

Hi Elysea,

The module has to be on every page of your site in order to catch all the users. I am currently upgrading this module for Joomla 2.5.x websites.

Visitors view the revolver map which in turn sends their IP to the revolvermaps server which returns what the globe should be displaying... if that makes sense. The visits should be just unique ones and the dots are previous visits, as far as I gather.

Posted Thu 21-Jun-12

I was thinking about the counts shown on the page where I go to from clicking on the map. Maybe I just read it wrong, but it seems like it's counting the same persons visit every time.

Posted Thu 21-Jun-12

:roll: YESSSS Please for joomla 2.5
It's the best visitor map for joomla..

Thanks you very much.

Posted Tue 13-Nov-12


First, let me say that it is a great extension. I have been using your extention on Joomla 1.5 and it works great. I am in process of creating my site from scratch with Joomla 2.5 and I installed your extention but I cannot save the extension when I try to save the generatd jave code from revolvermap.com. It works fine when if I get a code for a new site but when I use the update option, I cannot save the code. Can you help me with this?

Posted Wed 13-Mar-13

Hi Mehrgan,

I'm possibly misreading but do you use the module parameters or the code. In your website link you are using the Flash version. Try switching the module parameter for this to Java.

If that doesn't work feel free to write back :)

Posted Wed 13-Mar-13

Excellent extension.

When I generate the ID code from RevolverMap and paste it into "Generated Code Override", the code disappears when saved and I am still seeing the data from your base download install on the globe.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Posted Thu 16-May-13

Its a great extension. But when I set it up I only show my presence on the 3D map and no other visitors listed or totaled up. Not sure what more I can do.

Any help is so appreciated.

Posted Fri 17-May-13

Hi Bill,

I'll investigate further as you're not the first to say this happens.

In the meantime, simply create a new Joomla module "Custom HTML" and paste your code in there, in principle, it should work.

Posted Fri 17-May-13

Hi Bill,

From the developers of RevolverMaps, "the module would need to be published on every page of the website in order to catch all visitors".

I hope that answers your question!

Posted Fri 17-May-13

Hello Joel:

Yes, I do have it published on all pages of the site. I just went back to Revolver maps to update a code and when entering the web site find the return that "no widget found" although it has been installed the day before. Could be some issue there

Posted Fri 17-May-13


Sounds like a problem with the identifier. Was it working before and has there been a change since? The key value to have is the ID which RevolverMaps give you.

Looks good on the site though I may be biased :) Could you check your Joomla sessions while displaying the module to see if it corresponds?

Thanks !


Posted Fri 17-May-13

Good day Joel. I enjoy your site and articles and particularly liked this one as I hoped that it would help me resolve an issue with my site. I recently updated my revolver map code on a site that update for (www.cainidepolitie.com) but haven't launched the facelifted version of the site. I noticed something strange with the new "updated" javascript. It doesn't show the total amount of visitors or "hits". Is there a way that I could bring these back? I'm launching the new site in two days and really need this.

warmest regards.

Posted Fri 31-May-13

Hi Bongo,

in the code that RevolverMaps.com give you, try changing "n=false" to "n=true":

n=true for numbers
v=true for visitors
r=true for recent hits

Let me know if that works for you.


Posted Fri 31-May-13

Hey Joel. Very nice work!
I have a problem with the extension (I saw it has been reported before). When I use it I get only my current position (not total visitors, recent hits etc). I tried the custom html mode (copied it from revolver maps) and everything works fine. Do you have any idea what could be the problem? I would prefer use your module since you are the original "source" for locating this.
Notice that before custom html code, using the module and clicking on the image the revolvermaps reported no visits at all. Now if I use the id code from the custom html into your module and click on the map I am getting at the "correct" page but the image coming from the module still has the same erratic behavior. Notice finally that now I only have published the HTML code... but I can republish module for you to see it...

My only answer would be that erratic behavior has to do with file ownerships etc.
Thanks for the consideration

Posted Mon 28-Oct-13

unale to download any of the revolvermaps extensions files!

Posted Thu 09-Jan-14

Hi Jodonde,

You will need to use a browser which has javascript enabled in order to download the files. If you still experience difficulties, then send me an e-mail with what Joomla version you are using and I will send you the appropriate module.

Kind Regards,


Posted Thu 09-Jan-14

Hi seath,

Not sure if we took this conversation to e-mail, so I'm replying here as well. Using your own ID is correct. The module has to be on every page of your site in order to count visitors though. Personally, I have found the module slows down the site a little so for my own website, I only have it on the front page (used to be on every page but changed it for performance).

Hope that answers your question.

Kind Regards,


Posted Thu 09-Jan-14

is it possible to use this module also in joomla 3.2?

Posted Sun 20-Apr-14

Hi Manfred,

Some downloaders have reported that the version of this module intended for Joomla 2.5.x has worked on Joomla 3.2.x.

As always, if there are any problems with this, then I'd appreciate any feedback and I can then release an update to address any issues.

Posted Tue 22-Apr-14

Just as an update,

I have tested the latest version of this module (1.5) on both Joomla v2.5.11 and Joomla v3.3.4 and they seem to be working with the new HTML5 widget from RevolverMaps.com.

I had to drop a few parameters but do check out the new live statistics feature for stunning graphs and charts as well as the performance improvements.

I would expect that at some point it will become touch-device responsive and customizable in terms of displayed visits (eg. guests or members).

Posted Fri 16-Jan-15

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VersionPlatform  ChangeLogOptions
1.5 (4)Joomla! 3.x- Enhancement: Restored alignment parameter
- Enhancement: Restored colors and new colors given
- Enhancement: Compatible with Joomla v2.5.x
- Fixed: Backwards compatible parameters updated
- Date Uploaded: Fri, 16th Jan 2015
1.5Joomla! 3.x- Enhancement: Updated widget from RevolverMaps in HTML5
- Enhancement: Compatible with Joomla v3.x
- Parameters: Flash option removed
- Date Uploaded: Thu, 15th Jan 2015
1.4Joomla! 2.5.x- Added Module Parameter: Custom Background Color
- Added Module Parameter: CSS3 Rounded Corners
- Added Module Parameter: Revolvermaps URL (rc.* or jc.*)
- Corrected short form PHP tags (ie. removed these).
- Date Uploaded: Fri, 11th Jan 2013
1.3Joomla! 2.5.x- Upgraded to work with Joomla 2.5.x
- Date Uploaded: Thu, 27th Dec 2012
1.2Joomla! 1.5.x- Checked compatibility: Internet Explorer v6+, Mozilla Firefox v3.5+, Google Chrome v5+
- Added alignment parameter ("float") relative to its container.
- Added div and parameter "module class" so that class name actually works...
- Trimmed any spaces from posted data and html code.
- Used revolvermaps.com selection of "width x height" values.
- Date Uploaded: Fri, 30th Jul 2010
1.1Joomla! 1.5.x- Separated all parameters to be configured in the Joomla admin panel
- Language file created (English GB only)
- Date Uploaded: Fri, 9th Jul 2010
1.0Joomla! 1.5.x- Added GNU/GPL License information to xml/php
- Behaves like custom module and inserts RevolverMaps script.
- Date Uploaded: Fri, 2nd Jul 2010

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