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Joes Transmission Detector (JTD)
Really crude but essential for myself. I can use it to record how long a webpage takes to load and compare these to other webpages.

The technology and method was chosen because this program causes NO network traffic of its own.

It is a small GUI with a transparent background (white foreground text) and runs behind all other windows (much like a gadget/widget).


Name:joes-transmission-detector ( JTD)Cost:FREE
Licence:Non-CommercialAccess Level:Public
Platform:File Type:zip
Available Version:1 of 1File Size:210,219 bytes
Total Downloads:228Project Started:29-Sep-2011
Official Review Site:-Last Modified:29-Sep-2011


What is Crowdsourcing?
Crowdsourcing, in this context, is a type of participative online activity where interested parties can invest, suggest, and direct product development. By backing an idea, the idea with the most backing takes priority in the development queue. Combined with OpenSource, this is a huge step in how we develop our products and I hope you'll help us make this your product.


So this is a program I've been wanting for ages. Only way to be sure it doesn't have any malicious code and that it does what I want and looks like I want it to look, was to make my own.

What does it do?
Amazing. It detects transmissions over a network. Basically on a computer that isn't on a network (ie. not connected to the internet), this program is extremely boring and doesn't do anything. But unlike many other similar programs which add to the network traffic, this program adds NOTHING to the network traffic, and therefore is a much better measure of what data is being received/sent from your workstation.

Available for download for FREE as OpenSource. Portable so no installation/setup (can run off USB). Source files included for you to check. No signups, etc required, have fun!

What's it detecting?
Currently it just reads the size of packets sent and received. This allows me to test websites for example and compare page loads. It's more fun on a networked computer which is constantly writing back and forth to network shares, user profiles, browsing data, etc.

What does it look like?
It's kinda transparent with it's text as white and sits behind other windows much like a gadget or widget. If you know your AutoHotkey, the download includes the AHK file for you to modify and play with (Hooray for OpenSource) so you can style it to your own taste. Here's some pictures of it on an XP machine with a dark grey desktop background:
On the desktop in the bottom right corner On the desktop in the bottom right corner with context On another PC with recycle bin

In Development
  1. Read data packets without causing network traffic (tried tcpdump, pcap)
  2. IP and resolved host names on double-click without causing network traffic (tried netstat. NTS: try this again with dll calling)
  3. Program used to open port (still need to distinguish between out/in)
  4. detect bytes instead of kilobytes
  5. GUI Move Icon
  6. Disallow program minimize
  7. Right-click on Systray Icon causes? (stuck on preferences without a INI file)

Available for download for FREE as OpenSource. Portable so no installation/setup (can run off USB). Source files included for you to check. No signups, etc required, have fun!


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VersionPlatform  ChangeLogOptions
1.0MS Windows- Read data packets without causing network traffic
- Display program used to open port
- Disallow program minimize
- Background made transparent
- Added received/sent data graph progress bars
- Listview rolls messages (deletes first one and adds to last)
- Date Uploaded: Thu, 29th Sep 2011

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Thank You! :c)

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