Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Thank you to all those around the world who have been patient enough to test our products and have taken the time to comment & suggest! :c)
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DJI Phantom FC40 - First Flight

So I just started another YouTube channel which I'll try to transfer my Joomla videos over to but in the meantime you can be subjected to my quadcopter videos. Here are a few quick ones, the Hubsan H107C and its Q4 Nano, then the DJI Phantom.

First up, the Hubsan X4 H107C for $60 USD filming at a reduced 720x480 25fps then further compressed by YouTube Capture app (but includes stabilization):


Leap Motion and AR Drone

Leap Motion is a USB gesture control device you can connect to a computer which behaves much like a mouse or trackpad but in 3 dimensions. Available July 2013 for public release (you can pre-order if you like @ It's noted for it's accuracy and response to finger gestures and it's compatibility with major platforms.

The following videos were shown to me by a colleague at work. I was so impressed I just had to post them. So here's a screenshot, read more if you want the videos:

Leap Motion and Augmented Reality (AR) Drone

A picture of the Internet

Just a pretty picture on how hackers have created an infographic of the internet:

Infographic of the Internet

Source: BitBucket.Org - Internet Census 2012

Welcome to my website!

Hi Everybody!

My name is Joe.  I like to think of myself as a web-developer but then during the day, I'm more of an analyst than a developer.  I've been writing websites and scripts commercially since 1997 and I'm using this website to store notes as I go along.

I specialise in taking over incomplete and/or bespoke systems which have little or no documentation. I like workarounds and solutions and persist in the knowledge that anything is possible, I only have to believe. I thrive on the challenges that the rest of the crowd so easily give up on.

This website has just undergone an upgrade and is still being developed. I'll grant my loyal visitors that the site doesn't look any different but as a bit of a geek, I can assure you that almost every file has been upgraded!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope this website is, as always, of some use to you!

View on Bournemouth, UK

View on Bournemouth

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