This issue happened with a friend who was trying to upload extensions.  You should find that the configuration file is unwriteable (and that you can't change it using the joomla interface).

In the end to resolve this, he had to do a fresh install and double-checked the server settings for a subdomain. 

Image RokStories has been overhauled to provide the spectacular display that you see on this demo. The module adapts depending on your image size, so no need to manually create rounded corners on your images, RokStories will do the rest.

The custom features are also available in the standalone version.

RokStories Affinity is the July 2009 release from RocketTheme and features extensive third party support for powerful and popular community products, such as JomSocial, K2 and phpBB3.

The template's core feature is Sortable Elements, which allows for the movement of modular rows, individual positions and stacks of modules

As with all Joomla articles and files, you need to check that they have been published and approved.  Sometimes you don't have to and it's all automatic, but if they're not showing:

  • Check that they're in the right section and category
  • Check that they have been approved and published 
This is a screenshot of two uploaded documents:


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