Joes Password Analyzer (JPA)

What is Joe's Password Analyzer?
Joe's Password Analyzer is an online tool that quickly checks any password you might want to try using and suggests variations on this. Simply type a word or phrase in the input field and let it do the rest.

Joe's Password Analyzer is a Joomla 2.5.x component which simply displays a javascript-enabled client-side page. The tool analyzes any input on-the-fly without sending or receiving data to a server. The page used to be a part of a Password Security System I wrote back in 2008 and I missed the analysis capability so I have restored it on my personal website.

Security through Obscurity
"Security through Obscurity" is always ultimately fallible. This password checker can not guarantee the passwords will be easy to memorize or to type quickly. Companies using certain password systems can even send the login credentials to the remote machine for you, but does this just open another can of worms? The trick in my opinion is a memory aid.

How to use
Type a word in the input field and check the "Rule Abiding" variation as a strong password to use.

Please use the comment section below to suggest changes, corrections, improvements or just to give an opinion.

Use it!
It's absolutely FREE! The password analyzer URL is: Enjoy!

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