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  1. Category: (PHP)

    Previously titled Fix PHP cURL: parser error: Document labelled UTF-16 but has UTF-8 content What? This is an article with notes for me on how to convert some received XML encoded in UTF-16 to ...
    Created on 28 March 2015
  2. Category: (Documentation)

    ... heading and then a list of components. Find the value of the checkbox by viewing the HTML source and you should see something like the following: <input type="checkbox" name="areas[]" value="doc_indexer" ...
    Created on 09 March 2015
  3. Category: (Application Development)

    ... 960dp x 720dp large screens are at least 640dp x 480dp normal screens are at least 470dp x 320dp small screens are at least 426dp x 320dp Source: Stack Overflow: Android activity image background ...
    Created on 01 December 2014
  4. Category: (Application Development)

    ... to its target. IME_ACTION_UNSPECIFIED // no specific action has been associated with this editor, let the editor come up with its own if it can. Source(s) : TextView - android:inputType ...
    Created on 03 November 2014
  5. Category: (Application Development)

    ...  Sources: Android Research Blog - Creating A Simple RSS Application in Android Android Research Blog - Creating a Simple Rss Application in Android (V2) Github - Vgrec -  ...
    Created on 24 October 2014
  6. Category: (Product Documentation)

    ...  Worldwide airports as listed by Worldwide airfields for private/commercial use (treated as airports - source: Wikipedia) Known UK military bases (Royal Marines, Royal Navy Air Service, Royal ...
    Created on 24 October 2014
  7. Category: (XML)

    ... white space (line feeds, tabs, spaces, and carriage returns) is handled Source(s):  ...
    Created on 13 August 2014
  8. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... to "Male", "Prof" to "Professor"). Why? Our extract phase in the SSIS package takes data from a source database and puts it in staging in the exact form it came through. Our transform package will ...
    Created on 05 August 2014
  9. Category: (AutoHotkey)

    ... (AutoIt) and is the source code as compiling it wouldn't be much use to anyone else unless they work for the same company and they're leaving on the same date at the same time. Amend the "FinalDate" value ...
    Created on 17 July 2014
  10. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ...  It might seem trivial but these little aesthetic changes done at the database level can save some time. Why? I have an Excel report which dynamically gets its content from a data source located ...
    Created on 07 July 2014
  11. Category: (MS Integration Services)

    ... connection manager but this is inefficient and not versatile enough to accommodate files that get added later. Why? I am creating an extract SSIS package intended to take a text file as its source ...
    Created on 13 June 2014
  12. Category: (Transact-SQL)

    ... @Ret = REPLACE(@Ret, ' Hr ', UPPER(' HR ')); -- Human Resources SET @Ret = REPLACE(@Ret, ' It ', UPPER(' IT ')); -- Info Tech Services -- specify exceptions to be custom cased: McDonalds, Mc Donalds IF(@Ret ...
    Created on 04 June 2014
  13. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ...  Restart the SSRS service Source(s) Microsoft: RSReportServer Configuration File MSSQLTips: Prevent SQL Server Reporting Services Slow Startup  ...
    Created on 11 April 2014
  14. Category: (MS Windows)

    ... have no security tab/setting. Source(s): How to hide drive for specific users in Windows 7? How to Hide or Unhide a Drive in Vista and Windows 7  ...
    Created on 28 March 2014
  15. Category: (Joomla)

    ... PlayThru Source(s): ...
    Created on 20 March 2014
  16. Category: (General Joomla!)

    What? Somebody said I could pay to get an export list of my Joomla users. I said Joomla is a FREE OpenSource system, why? Why? I want to move a client's list of Joomla users to a new system which ...
    Created on 28 February 2014
  17. Category: (MS-Dos)

    ... MS-DOS because I'm that old. Robust File Copy: Open a command prompt (Start > Run... > CMD > ok) Type the following: ROBOCOPY c:\Sourcepath c:\Destpath /E /XC /XN /XO -- /E makes Robocopy recursively ...
    Created on 23 February 2014
  18. Category: (Joomla)

    ... that comes with Joomla 2.5 install. How? Source: Joomla! • View topic - Cannot get recaptcha to display on registration form... There are two solutions I have found that fix the problem: ...
    Created on 24 November 2013
  19. Category: (MS Reporting Services)

    ... to other systems holding the images), then please refer to my article on SSRS External Images don't display. The answer to this error is your report needs to use a datasource with the credentials ...
    Created on 22 November 2013
  20. Category: (Static Items)

    ... based on the initial requirements up to and including the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) date (not yet agreed, but about a week prior to release date). JoelLipman.Com will make the source files available ...
    Created on 15 November 2013

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