What's this all about? Well I want the basic hover effect: when my mouse cursor hovers over a link, I want that link to turn blue and display an underline. When I move the cursor away from the link, I want the link returned to black without an underline.


Not a useful note and more of a personal opinion then factual, but beyond the inventors of the Internet or any hardware has to be the following notion from IBM:

a 1976 research report by Lance A. Miller and John C. Thomas of IBM, noted that "It would be quite useful to permit users to 'take back' at least the immediately preceding command (by issuing some special 'undo' command)."

Source: Behavioral Issues in the Use of Interactive Systems.

If you've guessed it, my vote goes for whoever invented the "Undo" button: cross-platform, multi-lingual, future-proof and as everlasting as human error.


Apologies for copying this from another source but with lots of OpenSource developers disappearing and reappearing, the content is what I don't want to lose.

Just a note to say that I've added two more programs which I regularly use to my download section on this website.  As always, these are free to download and include the source codes under the GNU/GPL License v3.  If you have autohotkey installed, you can run the AHK files and modify these to suit your needs like android spy software.  The new programs also read off a configuration file which you can modify in any text editor in order to tweak the program to suit your needs.

Launcher v2.0 is crude replacement to the quick launch toolbar which arranges your icons in a grid that you define (the default is 7x7).  Change the links and icons by running the program, right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and select "Edit Configuration...".  Hopefully this will be of some use to you.

Unduplicater v1.1 is a basic tool to compare two folders and remove duplicates (ignoring file extensions).  For more information on this one, see the DOWNLOAD section of this website.