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Zoho CRM & Creator: Download attachment and upload to Creator file field

A super quick article on how to download an attachment from CRM and upload to a "file upload" field in Creator.

My use case here is that we are creating a Creator app that will show the attachments on a CRM contact record (and be clickable). The complication here is that the user can use the Creator form to add a new attachment that will eventually be uploaded back to CRM.

At time of print, things have moved on and based on the Zoho official forums, this used to be a daunting task. Not anymore at least from what I've seen.

You could try adding a subform to Creator but have it as a blank form rather than a bidirectional form as in this example, the parent record doesn't yet exist... The cheat here is that we actually want the user to be able to click and download/open the attachments on the CRM record from within the Creator app. As for the add a new attachment, well that's just functionality.

Here's my Creator form (well the part for the attachments):
  • An attachments section to hold a notes field.
  • A notes field called "Note_Attachments" (this will display a HTML table with click-to-download files)
  • A blank subform callled "Attachments" (links to a form called "Documents")
Zoho CRM & Creator: Download attachment and upload to Creator file field: Parent Creator Form

Here's the Creator form to hold the Attachments:
  • Parent Record (a single line that will be a unique ref to prevent downloading the same record again and again)
  • Document Name (a single line that will be the name of the file including its extension)
  • Document (the file upload field)
  • Downloaded (a picklist with the options "Downloaded" and "Pending Upload")
Zoho CRM & Creator: Download attachment and upload to Creator file field: Document Creator Form

Here's the code for the parent form to download the attachments and upload them to the Creator "Document" form:
// get attachments
v_NoteAttachments = "<table class='jl-table-info jl-table-attachments'>";
m_SortCriteria = Map();
l_Attachments = zoho.crm.getRelatedRecords("Attachments","Contacts",v_CrmContactID,1,200,m_SortCriteria);
for each  r_Attachment in l_Attachments
	if(r_Attachment.get("id") != null)
		v_AttachmentEndpoint = "" + v_CrmContactID + "/Attachments/" + r_Attachment.get("id");
		r_Download = invokeurl
			url :v_AttachmentEndpoint
			type :GET
		r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists = Document[Parent_Record == v_CrmContactID.toString() && Document_Name == r_Attachment.get("File_Name")];
		if(r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists.count() > 0)
			r_NewDocumentRecord = Document[ID == r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists.ID];
			v_DateAdded = r_NewDocumentRecord.Added_Time.toString("E, d MMM yyyy HH:mm");
			r_Document = insert into Document
			r_NewDocumentRecord = Document[ID == r_Document];
			v_DateAdded = r_NewDocumentRecord.Added_Time.toString("E, d MMM yyyy HH:mm");
		v_LinkToDownload = "<a href='" + zoho.appuri + "All_Documents/" + r_NewDocumentRecord.ID + "/Document_File/download?filepath=/" + r_NewDocumentRecord.Document_File + "'>" + r_NewDocumentRecord.Document_Name + "</a>";
		v_NoteAttachments = v_NoteAttachments + "<tr><td>" + v_DateAdded + "</td><td style='font-weight:700;'>" + v_LinkToDownload + "</td></tr>";
v_NoteAttachments = v_NoteAttachments + "</table>";
input.Note_Attachments = v_NoteAttachments;
  1.  // 
  2.  // get attachments 
  3.  v_NoteAttachments = "<table class='jl-table-info jl-table-attachments'>"
  4.  m_SortCriteria = Map()
  5.  m_SortCriteria.put("sort_by","Created_Time")
  6.  m_SortCriteria.put("sort_order","desc")
  7.  l_Attachments = zoho.crm.getRelatedRecords("Attachments","Contacts",v_CrmContactID,1,200,m_SortCriteria)
  8.  for each  r_Attachment in l_Attachments 
  9.  { 
  10.      if(r_Attachment.get("id") != null) 
  11.      { 
  12.          v_AttachmentEndpoint = "" + v_CrmContactID + "/Attachments/" + r_Attachment.get("id")
  13.          r_Download = invokeUrl 
  14.          [ 
  15.              url :v_AttachmentEndpoint 
  16.              type :GET 
  17.              connection:"ab_crm" 
  18.          ]
  19.          r_Download.setParamName("file")
  20.          r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists = Document[Parent_Record == v_CrmContactID.toString() && Document_Name == r_Attachment.get("File_Name")]
  21.          if(r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists.count() > 0) 
  22.          { 
  23.              r_NewDocumentRecord = Document[ID == r_CheckIfDocumentAlreadyExists.ID]
  24.              v_DateAdded = r_NewDocumentRecord.Added_Time.toString("E, d MMM yyyy HH:mm")
  25.          } 
  26.          else 
  27.          { 
  28.              r_Document = insert into Document 
  29.              [ 
  30.                  Added_User=zoho.loginuser 
  31.                  Document_Name=r_Attachment.get("File_Name") 
  32.                  Document_File=r_Download 
  33.                  Downloaded="Downloaded" 
  34.                  Parent_Record=v_CrmContactID.toString() 
  35.              ]
  36.              r_NewDocumentRecord = Document[ID == r_Document]
  37.              v_DateAdded = r_NewDocumentRecord.Added_Time.toString("E, d MMM yyyy HH:mm")
  38.          } 
  39.          v_LinkToDownload = "<a href='" + zoho.appuri + "All_Documents/" + r_NewDocumentRecord.ID + "/Document_File/download?filepath=/" + r_NewDocumentRecord.Document_File + "'>" + r_NewDocumentRecord.Document_Name + "</a>"
  40.          v_NoteAttachments = v_NoteAttachments + "<tr><td>" + v_DateAdded + "</td><td style='font-weight:700;'>" + v_LinkToDownload + "</td></tr>"
  41.      } 
  42.  } 
  43.  v_NoteAttachments = v_NoteAttachments + "</table>"
  44.  input.Note_Attachments = v_NoteAttachments; 

Here's the code at the end of the parent form to hide the columns I don't need the user to see (I'll populate these by code):
hide Attachments.Parent_Record;
hide Attachments.Document_Name;
hide Attachments.Downloaded;
  1.  hide Attachments.Parent_Record; 
  2.  hide Attachments.Document_Name; 
  3.  hide Attachments.Downloaded; 

Here's the code I use when a "Addition of a row" workflow is triggered on that subform. This makes sure I don't download it again and create a new Creator record to hold the same file but in a new record, as well as include the marker to check when uploading the files back to CRM:
row.Downloaded="Pending Upload";
  1.  row.Parent_Record=input.CRM_Contact; 
  2.  row.Downloaded="Pending Upload"

Here's the code I use when uploading a file to the newly added row in that subform (on user input). This sets the document name for display later:
	v_FileDetected = row.Document_File;
		v_SubstringStart = v_FileDetected.indexOf("_");
		v_FilenameDetected = v_FileDetected.subString(v_SubstringStart + 1);
		v_FilenameFormatted = v_FilenameDetected.replaceAll("_"," ");
  1.  if(!isnull(row.Document_File)) 
  2.  { 
  3.      v_FileDetected = row.Document_File; 
  4.      if(v_FileDetected.contains("_")) 
  5.      { 
  6.          v_SubstringStart = v_FileDetected.indexOf("_")
  7.          v_FilenameDetected = v_FileDetected.subString(v_SubstringStart + 1)
  8.          v_FilenameFormatted = v_FilenameDetected.replaceAll("_"," ")
  9.          row.Document_Name=v_FilenameFormatted; 
  10.      } 
  11.  } 

And finally, with a bit of CSS, this is what the end product looks like:
Zoho CRM & Creator: Download attachment and upload to Creator file field: How it looks

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