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I'm actually part of a bigger team at Ascent Business Solutions where we have support technicians and project consultants. Support is for smaller technical fixes but this can include developments, reports or integrations; depending on the size of the task. Projects are for more time-consuming developments such as revamps of the Zoho Suite of apps or on-site training. The advantage of a team is that if I am out-of-office for a day or so, there is always someone at Ascent Business Solutions who can deal with any queries/issues you may have.

Our support rates can be found and purchased at A support bundle doesn't have an expiry date. So whether we can do what you want within the bundle and a year later need further support, if there are minutes left on the bundle then there is no additional charge.

Our project rates for bigger developments can be found at and will involve a dedicated project consultant along with developers who will hold your hand through the development process.

If you want help building a solution for one of the Zoho Apps in the Zoho Suite, contact us on 0121 293 8140 (UK) or by email at You can also visit our website at

I regularly build and specialize in 2-way API integrations for Xero, Shopify and eBay.

A really quick article for anyone who got stumped by the same issue: How to send multiple invoices to Xero in one API call?

Our use-case is in Zoho Deluge which couldn't generate more than 5 invoices in a scheduled task because Xero only allows 5 concurrent connections at one time... And Zoho was trying to send about 7 at a time (as in schedule created 7 Zoho invoices but only 5 Xero invoices). Our solution: Send all Zoho invoices in API call to Xero... apparently it can accept up to 60 invoices in one call.

Crazy simple solution, your JSON needs to have the key "Invoices" and the list of invoices to create:
{"Invoices":[... list of invoices ...]}
  1.  {"Invoices":[... list of invoices ...]} 
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Xero API: Standard PHP/cURL Create Invoice

This is an article documenting a generic script that can be used to push an invoice to the demo Xero environment. Following the steps below will connect you to the Demonstration environment of Xero at no cost to you the developer.

Similar to my ZohoAPI script the process is:
  1. Start with a HTML form to add your client ID/client Secret/scopes and Redirect URI. These get stored in a temporary file to retrieve later.
  2. Then you get a button that will return the "CODE" variable via GET (URL). Clicking on this will get the CODE variable and use it to generate a refresh token.
  3. Then with the refresh token generate an access token.
  4. Then with the access token get a connection "TenantID".
  5. Then with the tenantID we can retrieve records and/or finally create an invoice (accounts receivables).

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