Unix Date Format Specifiers

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Source: Wikipedia: Date (Unix)

Format specifiers (format string starts with +)
Specifier Description Values/Example
%a weekday, abbreviated Mon
%A weekday, full Monday
%d day of the month (dd), zero padded 04
%e day of the month (dd) 4
%j day of year, zero padded 001-366
%u day of week starting with Monday (1), i.e. mtwtfss 1
%w day of week starting with Sunday (0), i.e. smtwtfs 1
%U week number Sunday as first day of week 01–53
%W week number Monday as first day of week 01–53
%V week of the year 01–53
%m mm month 07
%h Mon Jul
%b Mon, locale's abbreviated Jul
%B locale's full month, variable length July
%y yy two digit year 00–99
%Y ccyy year 2011
%g 2-digit year corresponding to the %V week number
%G 4-digit year corresponding to the %V week number
%C cc century 00–99
%D mm/dd/yy 07/4/11
%x locale's date representation (mm/dd/yy) 07/4/2011
%F %Y-%m-%d 2011-07-4
%l (Lowercase L) hour (12 hour clock) 1
%I (Uppercase I) hour (12 hour clock) zero padded 01
%k hour (24 hour clock) 13
%H hour (24 hour clock) zero padded 13
%p locale's upper case AM or PM (blank in many locales) PM
%P locale's lower case am or pm pm
%M MM minutes 20
%s seconds since 00:00:00 1970-01-01 UTC (Unix epoch) 1309785651
%S SS second 00–60
(The 60 is necessary to accommodate a leap second)
%N nanoseconds 000000000–999999999
%r hours, minutes, seconds (12-hour clock) 01:20:51 PM
%R hours, minutes (24 hour clock) hh:mm e.g. 13:20
%T hours, minutes, seconds (24-hour clock) 13:20:51
%X locale's time representation (%H:%M:%S)
Date and Time
%c locale's date and time Sat Nov 04 12:02:33 EST 1989
Time zone
%z -zzzz RFC-822 style numeric timezone -0500
%Z time zone (e.g., EDT) nothing if no time zone is determinable EST

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