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Applies to:
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio

I recently revamped our standard report with a new template comprising of a single Tablix which contained the images of the corners and sides of the report. It looked beautiful if simply displayed on a single page (the top half of the page) as long as the end-user doesn't scroll. If the page was scrolled, what should display went behind my report and instead the whole report acted as a header on top of the scrolling content and would only ever display, the top rows of the dataset.

A lot of articles out there on the net are offering solutions that do the exact opposite. Basically, I want the opposite result of "Fixed headers while scrolling".

Once I figured out why I had a scrolling issue, the reverse was easier to work out:
  1. Open the Report in Design mode.
  2. Check that advanced mode is switched on as per the following image:
    Enable Advanced Mode
  3. Cycle through each static object and set FixedData to False (ensure all items are set to false or it will error):
    FixedData to FALSE
  4. Save and test on the ReportServer.

If you need to visualize how I could have ended up in such a situation, here's the design mode of the report (apologies for the red censoring but this allows the images to be used in further demonstrations):
Design Mode

  1. Note that a footer exists (contains page number) because if printed, the page would end on a dataset row and continue the next page with the rest of the dataset. This footer allows for a large space at the bottom of the page indicating the page number.
  2. The footer of the dataset (in black) is the same image used in the top center of the dataset (the black background).

And here's the rendered/published view on the Reporting Server:
Rendered Mode

The whole report was appearing over any scrolled content as if it were a header that had been told to keep visible while scrolling. The fix in a nutshell is to ensure nothing is kept visible while scrolling.

This issue is specific to my template because the entire report is displayed within a tablix (contains row groups, no column groups). The headers do not stay fixed at the top of the page anymore but then this isn't the show-stopper; being unable to see the bottom of the report was.

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