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I misunderstood what was going to happen when I started this. We have a SharePoint 2007 site and we have been asked to migrate links and calendar from an existing system. I was worried when following other instructions because I thought my personal calendar in Outlook 2007 would be completely shared with everyone who had access to the SharePoint site... It doesn't.

The following steps show you how SharePoint will open a shared calendar if you don't already have it in your Outlook 2007. Similar to you opening a shared calendar, the sharepoint calendar will sit separate to the others. Once it's in your Outlook, you can copy over events. The calendar is separate to your own and to other Exchange ones.


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  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007
I've been tasked with adding links to files located on some network shares. I want to use UNC paths such as \\myServer\myShare\myFile.doc. I could map the UNC path to a drive letter and then link to it (eg. I:\myFile.doc)but what if other users haven't mapped the same drive letter to the path? Then they won't be able to use the link.

As soon as someone suggested I setup WebDAV to do this, I thought I'd write this article to warn others that that's unnecessary and can simply open another can of worms (security-wise). There may be situations when this is better but I'm just trying to add a link to our Sharepoint 2007 portal.


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