AwStats Data Parser (ADP)

So it's the end of the month again and I have to prepare a report for some investors. The idea of an infographic report has excited them to no end but because the end of the month didn't wait for me to finish the project, I quickly created this program to extract all the data values from an AwStats report.

Advanced Web Statistics or AwStats, is a reporting system for server logs. This gives data as to your unique visitors (referred to as visitors), the visits these generated (visits), the number of files/scripts/images requested (hits) and their filesize (bandwidth).

To extract all data into a Comma Seperated Values (CSV) list of all data from an Advanced Web Statistics [AwStats] v7.0 (build 1.971) report. The data file is used by my infographic script which allowed quicker reports then scanning entire website visitor logs.

No installation and USB portable.
Currently runs using either Windows XP or Windows 7.

How to use:
  1. Save a frame of your Awstats page (so there isn't the menu on the left)
  2. Run "Generate_AwStatsParsedData.exe"
  3. Select the file you saved in step 1
  4. Click on "Go".

What data does it return?
  • Any table/grid in the Awstats report uniquely identified by the labels mentioned below.

What data does Joes Infographic for Joomla (JIJ) need?
  • Summary Period Report (details on your awstats report)
  • Monthly History (per month per year)
  • Days of Month (per day this month)
  • Days of Week (per day this month)
  • Hours (per hour this month)
  • Countries (Top 25 this month)
  • Hosts (Top 25 this month)
  • Robots/Spiders (Top 25 this month)
  • visits Duration (this month)
  • Pages-URL (Top 25 this month)
  • Operating Systems (Top 10 this month)
  • Browsers (Top 10 this month)
  • Connect to site from (Referers this month)
  • Search Keyphrases (Top 10 this month)
  • Search Keywords (Top 25 this month)
  • HTTP Status Codes (Hits & Percent this month)

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