Checklist for the local computer repairs

Equipment List:
  • Car
  • Notebook
  • Mini-USB mouse (wired)
  • Norton Ghost
  • USB Drive for storage (backing up clients pc)
  • USB Drive with drivers/software/portable apps
  • USB Dongle connecting to an Internet Provider
  • OS disks
  • Document Templates:
    • Service Agreement Template
    • Computer Repair Invoice Template
  • Documents:
    • Service Agreement
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Business Cards
  • Extra RAM (to charge for)
  • Extra Cables (again to charge for)

  • Software installs at flat price
  • Website development per hourly rate
  • Computer repair per hourly rate

"I always had work order forms in duplicate. Right above the signature line was a BIG BOLD WARNING ABOUT LOSS OF DATA and “Check this box to have your data backed up for $75. Then, I’d charge them $150 for “forensic data recovery” with “no guarantees” – while recovering from the backup I’d made silently. I guess it’s part of the “underpromise/overdeliver” thing… but several customers were intensely relieved when I was able to “work my magic” and save their business/thesis/whatever.″

  • Charge nominal fee £20 /hour
  • I bill in 20 minute increments
  • If I have to visit, I add 30
  • After hours, holidays and emergencies, added 20/hour
  • Add 20 for restore disk

Questions for customers:
  • What do you need to do?
  • Last time it worked?
    • Emails received since?
    • Programs installed since?
  • Alternative documents/programs to do this?
  • Same errors on another computer?
  • What are your workarounds?

Protocol for Troubleshooting:
  • Check system properties for RAM and CPU speeds
  • Reduce visual effects for increased performance during troubleshooting
    • Note background and visual settings to restore after troubleshoot
  • Run Task Manager and display “Performance” tab.
  • Check user profile size. Recommended quarter of physical RAM (eg. x<500Mb for 2Gb RAM).
  • Check local drives for disk space.
    • All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk drive cleanup tool.
  • Check Windows Eventviewer for all errors.
  • Versions of Microsoft Office installed?
  • Printing:
    • Can you print any other documents?
    • Have you tried printing to another printer?
    • Can you print from any other applications to that printer?
    • When did you last print successfully?

How/where to advertise:
  • Word of mouth
  • Yellow pages
  • Local business directories
  • Local newspapers
  • Local colleges/universities
  • Local community organisations and buildings


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