Newbies guide to be the local computer guy

  • Get business cards made.
  • Pass them out where ever you go.
  • Don’t rent a storefront yet.
  • Go to people’s businesses/homes and do the repairs there.
  • Ask local businesses if you can post a flyer in their window or on their cash wrap.
  • Initially, charge a nominal fee…maybe something like $30/hour just to build up a client base and get some referalls.
  • Put up a Web site describing your services. It makes you look more legit when you print it on your business cards.
  • Hit up local colleges and post flyers there.
  • If you’re going to market to college students, learn how to troubleshoot Macs and iPods.
  • Develop a protocol for troubleshooting common problems It’ll save you time.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver.

I love the last point. Down talk as opposed to hype and then produce. Even with most services this nearly always guarantees a happy customer.
  • "So this is all I could fix in the time I have, all your issues have been dealt with and I also did this..."
  • "So this is what I've quickly put together for demo purposes."

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