Applies to:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - Service Pack 1
  • AutoHotkey v1.1.33.02
So this is the documentation for a snippet of code that will list files of a directory using an AutoHotkey GUI and display what it will name them. The app needs to rename files but append an incremented count if the name of a file already exists. The original file needs to keep its original name.

What I have
EDIT 0_00 0_30 My File 1 00_00 00_30.txt
edIT 0_00 0_31 My File 2 00_00 00_30.txt
eDIT 0_00 0_30 My File 3 00_00 00_31.wav
My File 3.wav
My File 3 - Copy.wav
What I want
My File 1.txt
My File 2.txt
My File 3 (2).wav
My File 3.wav
My File 3 (3).wav

So if you copy the following code into an AutoHotkey file and execute it, it will popup an app with 3 buttons: 1st to generate or populate a list of the files in the script directory, the 2nd to do the actual renaming. A text field is provided (defaults to A_ScriptDir) to specify what folder to scan for files. The 3rd button simply reloads the app (used mostly for testing/development). Lastly, a listview that has 2 columns: the 1st lists the files in that directory, the 2nd displays the new filenames of the files.

Ergonomic adjective
"relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment."

So it's pretty important not to be slouching over the coffee table for hours or days on end. I was waiting to move house during 2020 but then a virus capable of locking down the world manifested itself. I thought this would be temporary but after 4 months of slouching over the coffee table, my back is suffering terribly. I figured on a personal DSE assessment and setup my workstation as a more permanent solution. For fun, our office have posted what taking your work home, including the work computer, looks like...

I made mine into a meme:

Working from Home - Back Breaking : Next Level

This is an article to document how to use Zoho Deluge to download a file that was uploaded into a Zoho Creator form and then to attach it to a Sales Order in Zoho Books.

Because it took me so long to find out how to do this even after reading the official documentation and going through the online discussion forums to build this solution. As of May 2020, this is how I do it.

So the trick is, go over the official documentation, but don't take it as gospel. You only really need the syntax for attaching a document to a Sales Order in Books and the documentation leaves certain bits out. Just getting the syntax right and using the . setParamName is key.

So this is a super quick note that I'll probably remember anyway but just in case, I'm writing this article so I don't spend time researching it later.

I'm synchronizing Xero Invoices with Zoho CRM Invoices and noticed that Xero stores its dates in Unix Timestamps.

We're going to filter out the unix seconds from the date provided by Xero then apply a toTime() function to it.

A very quick article on how to push a multi-select picklist from CRM to Creator.

We're trying to create a record in Creator off a button on the CRM Potential/Deal record. The CRM module has a multi-select picklist which will use commas to delimit but one of the options has a comma in its value.
// What I have in CRM:
{"My_MultiPicklist":["Option1","Options 2, 3"]}

// What Creator understands: FAILS
{"My_MultiPicklist":["["Option1","Options 2, 3"]"]}
With workaround .toString()
// What Creator understands: FAILS
{"My_MultiPicklist":["Option1","Options 2"," 3"]}

So the way to push this value over to Creator is by converting the list to a string... notably comma delimited:

This article is a quick note on how to change your Joomla CMS "Read More" to "Register to Read More" all without hacking away at the Joomla core.

Well a few hacks may be necessary because not only do we want to restrict read more content (full text) and just show intro texts to public but the default Joomla instructions do not include the search engine. I need the Joomla built-in search engine to also ignore permissions so that the article can still be indexed in global search engines such as Google.

It's been difficult to search for the right words but heres the method to restrict the introtext to the public and fulltext (read more) to the registered users:

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