Zoho Deluge - Connect to Xero API

This is an article to document a standalone function which generates an access token from within Zoho CRM so you can access your Xero instance. There are 3rd-party API libraries and SDKs out there but as usual with financial technologies (fintech), I don't trust them. Here's how to do it in pure Deluge with a Zoho CRM custom function.

It is quite a common request so I'm using this article to refine a generic method of connecting to any client's Xero. The aim is to have a function that initializes a valid connection and then append code to do what we want to do in Xero such as synchronizing invoices or contacts.

So the key thing to remember here is that a Refresh Token in Xero expires immediately after use. You use a Refresh Token to generate a new Access Token which can be reused over the next 30 minutes. In the response, you will also get a new Refresh Token which you should store away for later use when you want to generate a new Access Token.

Zoho Deluge: Push Item to Shopify API

The following is a script template that I can quickly adapt for Zoho and Shopify integration. This will take an item from Zoho Inventory and post it to Shopify.

Pretty quick to do in Zoho Deluge but first you need to go register the app in your client's Shopify store:

This is an article with the snippet of code required to duplicate or clone a record in Zoho CRM using Zoho Deluge.

The aim here is to have a scheduled task that on the 1st of every month, takes the invoices for the month before, and duplicates each one for the new month.

First you have to get all the applicable fields from the settings API.

Applies to
  • Joomla! CMS v3.5.x

This is a short article on how to remove the ID numbers from your Joomla website addresses for search engine friendly URLs.

// What I have

// With URL rewriting enabled

// What I want

You could buy an SEF extension that does this for you or spend time tweaking your .htaccess file.  Or you can take advantage of a Joomla update and do this without any coding...

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